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Before Your Appointment

Before you stabbing, it is best to eat at least one hour prior. Yes, you may bring a friend in to hold you hand :) To keep everything up to standards, we are unable to use outside jewelry to pierce you. We have a variety options to fit your budget and aesthetic :)

Children's Piercing

We do require a consultation for childrens Piercing ages 6yo -10yo.  You can book this online at your convenience. We can book the piercing as early as the following day.

After Your Appointment

After we are done with your stabbing, we book a Follow up appt with you to be sure everything is healing well for you. These may also include a jewelry downsize.

Drink plenty of water and a healthy diet go a long way to assist in the healing process.


All of our jewelry is ASTM F126 Titanium, threadless for your comfort. Invictus Body Jewelry, Neometal, Buddha Organics and Junipurr provide us our high end quality jewelry to last you a lifetime of sparkles:)


Our goal is to provide a space that allows you to feel welcome and relaxed about getting stabbed in the face!  This is your piercing and are always welcome to stop any session at any time. We are here with you for this journey of your self discovery through Body Modification. 

Piercing Prices

The Prices below are the Services Fees. There is an additional cost for the jewelry, ranging from $15 and up with choices between Titanium, 14k and 24k Gold body jewelry.


Single Lobe                  $ 40.00
Both Lobes                   $ 60.00
Helix                             $ 40.00
Forward Helix               $ 40.00
Flat                               $ 40.00
Conch                          $ 40.00
Daith                            $ 40.00
Rook                            $ 40.00
Tragus                          $ 40.00
Nostril                          $ 40.00
Septum                        $ 40.00
Eyebrow                       $ 40.00
Bridge                          $ 40.00


Dermal                         $ 60.00
Surface Bar                  $ 75.00
Navel                            $ 50.00
Labret/Lip                     $ 50.00
Monroe                         $ 50.00
Snake Bites                  $ 100.00
Nipples                         $ 60.00
Below Belt                    $ 125.00

About Us

Professional Body Piercing and Fine Body Jewelry in a Spa atmosphere to give you an Alternative Spa Treatment.

Stabitha has been piercing since 2009, and has kept up with the Association of Professional Piercer standards on Procedures and Techniques. She specializes in Childrens piercing by providing a space that is open and welcoming with all questions and concerns for you new piercing. Book your appt for your next Stabbing or Sparkle Treatment:)

Contact Us

602-907-8752   3276 Main St Mexcio NY 13114


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